What is the most durable carpet?

Each fiber type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Nylon carpet is very strong and durable. It can be treated to be stain and soil resistant. Polyester has very good color fastness and is resistant to water-soluble stains. Olefin is chemical and moisture resistant as well as being inherently stain resistant. Wool is very durable and is self extinguishing when burned. Triexta is stain and fade resistant. Call us today to consult with our specialists to determine the right kind of fiber and texture for your room.

Is this carpet pet friendly?

Most carpets are pet friendly; however certain styles will show dirt and hair more than others. Carpets with flecks in the color are more forgiving with dirt and hair. We also carries carpets with “Magic Fresh” to help with pet odors. Many carpets today do have warranties to cover pet accidents. Another thing to consider is Loops and Patterns can snag on a pet’s claw and pull out the nail or the backing. An open or cut pile is a good option to avoid this.

Is carpet non-allergenic?

Yes. In fact hard surfaces causes more dust to float around in a room than carpet. Regular care and maintenance should be followed to ensure your home stays allergen free.

What is the cost to carpet my room?

The price depends on your carpet choice and the size of your room. Call us today to receive a consultation.

Is this carpet easy to clean?

As long as you react in a reasonable amount of time most stains can be cleaned without the aide of a professional. Also vacuuming regularly will help your carpet stay fresh and easy to clean. (See Carpet Maintenance)

When can I have my carpet installed?

After you select your carpet we will set up a measure appointment. This will give us the exact dimensions of the area to be carpeted. After the measurements are confirmed, your order will be placed and an install date will be scheduled. Take advantage of our in stock carpet selection for installation as soon as just a few days! Call or stop in today to pick out the flooring of your dreams.
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