Now that you have chosen the carpet you like and we has installed it, it is time to learn how to maintain the integrity of your new carpet. There is no simple generic answer as the care of each type of carpet can be different. The life of your carpet depends on the traffic it sees and how well you take care of it.
Synthetic carpets (nylon, olefin, and polyester) do not "wear out" in the same way as older wool carpets. Fibers do not break off or wear away leaving the carpet backing only. They do, however, change in appearance over time. Over time airborne soil, air pollution, dirt, and stains will collect on the surface of the carpet fibers causing your carpet to look dull. Here are five ways to help your carpet look newer longer.
  1. Buy the right carpet. "If you don’t know carpet, know your carpet dealer."

    Choosing a carpet is an investment into your home so be sure to purchase your carpet from a local dealer with a good reputation. We firmly believe in bringing you top line service whether you are interested in a full room overhaul or a quick design touch up.
  2. Vacuum your carpet regularly.

    Vacuuming is the most effective way to keep a carpet clean. By following a cleaning routine, 90 to 95% of dry soil can be removed from carpet. Deep extraction cleaning is also required periodically.
    Damaged Carpet by Vacuum
    Heavy use areas should be vacuumed daily. Other areas should be done about twice a week. The type of vacuum used depends on the type of carpet you own. Be aware that the use of certain vacuums will void the warranty on the carpet. For example: It has been reported that the suction power is so strong on certain brands that it actually pulls carpet fibers out of the carpet. The pictures in this section show the damage of fibers being pulled out of a carpet. Some manufacturers will not honor the warranty if Dyson Brand Vacuums have been used. Most Dyson vacuums are not suited for premium soft pile carpets as they have strong suction and no height adjustment. If your carpet has a warranty from a fiber manufacturer such as DuPont, Solutia, Allied or 3M, consult their 800 phone number or website for recommended cleaning procedures.
    Damaged Carpet by VacuumUsing a cleaning method other than those approved by the manufacturer may void the warranty.
    For Cut Pile Carpets use an upright or canister vacuum with rotating beater bar or brush to clean.
    For Loop Pile Carpets use suction only vacuums.
    There are some features that are recommended for high-pile, exceptionally soft carpets. Choose a vacuum with adjustable height. Start at the highest setting and adjust down until beaters are in contact with the pile. Wider support wheels prevent the body of the vacuum from sinking into the carpet. The beater bar should be turned off when being used on a long shag.
    Wools of New Zealand
    Additionally manufacturers recommend certain brands to use with their carpets. Wools of New Zealand recommend Miele vacuums for wool carpets, specifically: Polaris, Neptune, Ariel, and Pisces from their S4 and S5 series.
    The Carpet and Rug Institute
    Certain vacuums are also rated by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) and given the "Seal of Approval/Green Label (SOA/GL)." These are certified to be superior carpet cleaning vacuums. To gain certification manufacturers must meet high standards on three main categories: Soil removal, Dust containment, and Carpet fiber protection. The minimum requirement for soil removal begins at a 10% improvement over the Green Label program. Vacuums must not release more than 100 micrograms of particles per cubic meter of air. They also must not affect the carpet’s texture more than a one step change through out the year. The Green Label Plus ensures customers are purchasing carpet that is among the lowest emitting products available. It also ensures that the carpet meets or exceeds California’s indoor quality standards meeting the testing protocols used by CHPS (Collaborative for High Performance Schools). The CRI Seal of Approval is also important when it comes to carpet cleaners. Independent testing showed that some cleaners were no better at cleaning stains than water and ended up leaving a sticky residue behind.
    It is also important to maintain your vacuum cleaner. Inspect the belt to make sure the beater bar is rotating properly before each use. Empty the soil bag when it is half full to maintain efficiency.
  3. Remove spills and spots right away.

    Coffee Spill On Carpet
    The difference between a spot and a stain is time. You need to act immediately. As soon as liquid spills onto your carpet, absorb as much as possible with a clean cloth or towel. Work from the outside in, using a blotting action. Never rub or scrub; it will cause fuzzing.
    If the spill is a mixture of solids and liquid, pick up or remove as much of the solid before you begin to blot. Scrape the solid off the surface of the carpet using a spatula or large spoon.
    After blotting, use a recommended cleaning agent if necessary, and carefully follow the directions.
    Clean Carpet Spill Steps
  4. Professionally clean your carpet.

    Your carpet and become dull or matted due to residue build up. Cooking vapors, air pollution, and tracked in dirt are just a few of the culprits. There is a variety of commercial cleaning methods that are available for home use.
    Many warranties mandate your carpet be professionally cleaned with a hot water extraction every 18-24 months. Fabrica recommends using HOST© systems, manufactured by Racine Industries. This system employs a pre-cleaning spray solution for spots and heavy soil, a cleaning compound for all areas, and a lightweight electric machine. Their full carpet care warranty can be found at: Fabrica Carpet Care.
    Ask us for recommended cleaning agents for your new carpet.
  5. Protect your investment.

    Since all textiles fade when exposed to UV sunlight, following a few steps will help keep your carpet looking newer longer.
    Avoid direct sunlight on your floors by closing your shades or drapes when you are not enjoying your space. Choosing a solution dyed fiber will also avoid major fading of your carpet.
    Regular maintenance of your heating and air conditioning system (ie changing filters) will help keep your whole house cleaner. Not only is it healthy for your family, but it will help keep your carpets cleaner.
    Since the entrance to your home is a high traffic area, place a walk-off just outside the door mat so that soil is left outside rather than tracked in over your carpet.
    Also, rearrange furniture in your space to redirect high traffic flow to avoid over use and matting in specific areas.
If you have any further questions on the care of your carpet, contact us and we will gladly assist you.
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